Cruise Kit

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Cruise Kit

The handy 4-piece cruise set consists of a folding basket with a snap-on food tray (color may vary. The tray is currently blue), a door wedge with attached lanyard and a suction hook.

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Handy four-piece Cruise Kit

While the TravelScoot will fit through any cabin door, this can still be quite difficult.

One has to overcome the strong door-closing mechanisms, which can be a problem since there is hardly any room for a second person to lend assistance. The extra-thick door stop (1) with attached lanyard takes care of this problem. It can be shoved under the door by foot, and pulled out again without having to bend over. To prevent the lanyard from lying on the floor, find a smooth spot at the appropriate height on the door and attach the suction cup (2). Now you can hang up the door stop.

Shipboard doors have a relatively big gap to the threshold. If the door stop is too narrow, take a piece of paper, fold it four times and place between rubber sleeve and metal wedge. If necessary, increase the paper thickness with additional folds or sheets.

Many meals on board are served at the buffet. Getting there requires the ability to walk, often unaided, and the use of both hands to carry food back to the table. Furthermore, passengers are often required to wait in line, which is quite unpleasant for people with walking disabilities.
While you may be able to go through the buffet line with a mobility scooter, you would have no more than one hand free for carrying a plate of food. This calls for repeated trips while your first plate gets cold. The TravelScoot Tablet* snaps onto the TravelScoot basket in seconds and is tip-proof. It is large enough for two plates, and now you can carry a drink in your free hand.